Beauty Tips For Face At Home

Welcome to seeurdu healthy or beautiful skin colour haseel karna koi rocket science nai hai. Agar skin ki protection kay liye natural skin care tips or homemade skin care tips ko mind mein rakha jaye. Hamesha yeh soch kar parashan naa hon kay app kay face par pimple hain jo face par bahoot buray nazar atay hain. Skin care tips ko use kar kay app apni skin ki protection ko zeyada increase kar saktay hain. Natural skin care tips homemade remedies say skin ko bahoot piayara banaya jaa sakta hai. Natural beauty tips for face at home ko use kar kay skin ko bahoot say factors say protect kiya jaa sakta hai or skin bahoot se skin problem ko ever had kaha ja sakta hai.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home
 Beauty Tips For Face At Home

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Good cleanser search karin jo app ki skin kay saath suitable ho, or is kay saath apni skin ko stick kar lain. Agar app ki skin dry hai to just face wash bhe use kar saktay hain face wash say app ki skin ka acne problem bhe solve ho jaye ga. Yeh bahoot zeyada important hai kay dirt, grime and pollution ko daily skin say remove kiya jaye.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home
 Beauty Tips For Face At Home

Yeh important point bhe yaad rakhain zeyada skin paar chemicals ka use bhe skin ko dry or hard bana sakta hai. Skin care mein natural skin oil ki reduceness ko increase karta hai. Daily 2 times face wash use karin is say zeyada use na karin chemical skin mein cells ko damage kar dayta hai. Raat ko sonay say phlay face say makeup ko or sun screen ko zaroor remove karin, jo clog pores ko tend karta hai.  


Exfoliation wo step hai jo most people apni weekly routine say skip kar daytay hain. Agar app properly apni skin kay liye exfoliating start kartay hain, app ko almost immediate difference nazar ay ga. Kiya app jantay hain men's skin looks more youthful than women's skin kuin kay men’s shave kartay time exfoliate ho jatay hain.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home
 Beauty Tips For Face At Home

App apni skin kay liye great scrub buy kar saktay hain or home made remedies say ready kar saktay hain. Skin care tips mein app brown sugar or coconut oil ka use bhe kar saktay hain. Sugar and oil ki help say app body scrub ready kar saktay hain isko body par apply karin or kisi achay washcloth ki help say body par circular motion mein message karin. Agar app ki skin bahoot zeyada dry hai to is kay liye coconut oil best hai.


How much to moisturize? Your skin will tell you! Yes, really. Jaab app ki skin tight hoti hai. it's crying out for moisture. Skin care kay liye over-moisturize app ki skin kay pors ko lock kar sakta hai. Skin care tips kay liye app irgin coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil or jojoba oil body moisturiser kay liye use kar saktay hain.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home
 Beauty Tips For Face At Home

Kiya eye creams zaroori hain?Beauty experts strongly eyes cream recommend kartay hain. Agar app ki skin zeyada dry hai to cold cream ka use karin. Moisturising Rose Lotion or natural rose water ka use karin. Morning time mein face skin par natural rose water ka spray karin.


Face par message karnay say oxygen kay flow ko kaam kiya ja sakta hai. With more oxygen and blood flow collagen production increase hoti hai skin healthy or stronge or tight hoti hai. Wrinkles signs or aging effect ko face message karnay say reduce kiya jata hai.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home
 Beauty Tips For Face At Home

Regular face massage natural and healthy glow to the face or skin ki cleansing karta hai or saath he saath impurities and dirt ko bhe reduce karta hai. Natural ingredients ki help say app face message kar saktay hain jasay kay milk, honey, yogurt and cream etc. improving the quality, texture of skin.

Apply Sunscreen

Uneven skin and wrinkles ki waja sun light hai jo bahoot se dosri problems ko create karti hai or saath he saath skin ko damage karti hai. Yeh bahoot zaroori hai kay at least 30 SPF every day use karin.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home
 Beauty Tips For Face At Home

Great trick is to purchase two moisturizers ek raat ko use karnay kay liye ek din ko use karnay kay liye jiss mein UV protection ho. Raat kay time sun screen kay saath moisturizers ka use bilkul bhe naa karin. Raat ko use karnay say skin aggravate ho sakti hai.

Avoid using chemicals

Using beauty products and make-up ka use jiss mein chemicals ki quantity zeyada ho use na karin yeh skin kay texture or quality ko damage kar sakti hai. Natural skin glow or oils ko khatam kar sakti hai. Expensive treatments or using a product on your skin, must check the quantity ko chemicals in this.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home
 Beauty Tips For Face At Home

Natural or herbal based products ka use karin yeh mazeed skin ko dry or damage honay say protect kartay hain. App apnay ghar mein mujood ingredients ko use kar kay bahoot acha face mask ready kar saktay hain jiss say skin mein glow or shine aa jaye ge. Make homemade face packs and masks read the next point.

Natural Face Masks

App apni skin ki health ko maintain rakhnay kay liye natural face mask use kar saktay hain. Bahoot saray homemade skin care tips hain jin say app face mask ready kar saktay hain. Homemadebeauty recipes are mentioned below.

Beauty Tips For Face At Home
 Beauty Tips For Face At Home

Banana Bonanza

1.     Take 1 banana

2.     Mash it properly

3.     Add 1 teaspoon honey and mix it well to make thick paste

4.     Apply the face pack 10-15 minutes for better results

5.     You will see the difference on your face

Kiwi-Curd Conjunction

1.     Take 1 kiwi

2.     Grand it properly

3.     1 tea spoon curd in the puree

4.     Apply face mask for 15-20 minutes

5.     See the magic atfer face wash

6.     This is best natural anti-tanning face packs

Eat Healthy

Vegetables and juices keeping your skin healthy and youthful. Eating fruits and veggies high in antioxidants will help battle the damage done by free radicals.

Foods to avoid

Fried and heavy foods like burger, chips, fritters etc. Food items that contain high sugar fizzy drinks like soda and cola; and chocolates & candies among others.

Foods to eat

Fresh fruits and vegetables, curd, salads, eggs, nuts and seeds, fish etc.

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